Welcome to Steam Training website – specialising in Pressure Vessel (Boiler) Training and High Risk Licensing

It’s often difficult to know where to find specialists in steam because there aren’t many around these days.

We are familiar with, and can provide training for:

  • Unattended Boiler operation in accordance with AS2593
  • Industrial boilers and associated equipment,
  • Heritage boilers, paddle steamers, traction engines and railway locomotives
  • Reciprocating engines and related equipment
  • Steam Turbines

We can provide High Risk Work (HRW) licence assessments for:

  • Standard Boiler BS (Tasmania)
  • Basic Boiler BB (Victoria only)
  • Intermediate Boiler BI (Victoria only)
  • Advanced Boiler BA (Vic & Tas)
  • Reciprocating Steam Engines ES ( Vic & Tas)
  • Turbine Operations TO ( Vic & Tas)

We will travel anywhere in Victoria and Tasmania and will provide onsite training and assessment for operators of attended, limited attendance and un-attended boilers; steam turbines; and reciprocating steam engines.

We are affiliated with a national RTO, GoTrain Industry Pty Ltd which is endorsed by the Workcover/Worksafe authorities in VIC and Tas to deliver training and assessment for High Risk Work Pressure vessel operations.

We have over 35 years experience in operating steam boilers and steam engines and our experienced trainers are familiar in with pressure vessels in a wide range of industries ranging from small industry boiler, heritage boilers up to refineries and large power generating facilities.

All trainers are fully qualified workplace trainers (TAE 40110).

We can provide theory and practical training in Basic Boiler / Standard Boiler, Intermediate Boiler, Advanced Boiler, Steam Turbine Operator, and Reciprocating Engines, for those who need to brush up on their theory before undertaking the competency assessment.

For people in remote and rural locations we also offer Distance Learning programs for Standard Boiler, Advanced Boiler, Unattended Boiler and Reciprocating Steam Engines. These programs are conducted online and provide all of the theoretical learning requirements as defined in the relevant national unit guides for these topics. Please contact us for more details.

Navigate around our website to understand your responsibilities, and what we can provide to assist you.