About Us

Steam Training and our partner RTO Go-Train Industry Pty Ltd have been providing Pressure Vessel training and licencing for ten years and have successfully trained and assessed for High Risk Work licences, thousands of students during this period.

Based in Victoria, we have staff who are experienced in power generation, general industry boilers, turbines, heritage boiler applications and steam engines.

We are experienced with boilers of all sizes and outputs ranging from small 50hp boilers through to refinery and power station installations.

We regularly travel to Tasmania as well as within Victoria; and will conduct the training you require, on site for your staff with your equipment.

We are accredited to provide High Risk Work licence assessments by the WorkCover authorities as follows:

Victoria – Basic boiler (BB) Intermediate Boiler (BI) Advanced Boiler (BA) Reciprocating Steam Engines (ES) and Turbine Operations (TO)

Tasmania – Standard Boiler (BS) Advanced Boiler (BA) and Reciprocating Steam Engines (ES)

Meet our Trainer

Andrew Bridger

Andrew Bridger

Andrew is also an experienced trainer and resides in Central Victoria, and has nearly half a century of experience.

He also specialises in assisting the heritage sector with its licencing requirements and is a specialist in industrial boilers, steam engines, and heritage/locomotive boiler and engine operations.