Unattended Boiler Training – AS2593

This is a 6 hour theory session with a small assessment that has been designed for plant maintainers and persons tasked with monitoring Unattended Boiler operations in accordance with AS2593.

This training is acceptable for persons monitoring Unattended Boilers in all states. Please understand the requirements if your Unattended boiler is operated in a Limited Attendance or Attended mode. Read More

The session covers:

  • Relevant legislation
  • OHS and PPE requirements
  • Boiler Principles and Construction
  • Boiler Fittings and Mounting
  • Operational Cycles
  • Emergency situations
  • Boiler maintenance and Feed water Monitoring
  • Fault finding scenarios
  • Records

This training is offered in either a Face to Face or Distance Learning (Online Mode).

When on site our trainer will ensure that all aspects of your specific boiler are addressed during the training.

If you wish to obtain Face to Face training please fill out the Training Enquiry form below.

If you wish to undertake Distance Learning click on the Buy Now button below and follow the prompts.

The fee for the Distance Learning Program is $495.00 per person and group discounts are available upon application.

A Certificate of Completion will be issued to the student upon satisfactory completion of the written assessment. This assessment does not provide a High Risk Work licence, however would make the individual eligible to sit for a licence if they desire.

This class can be conducted for up to 12 persons simultaneously.