Boiler Site Compliance Audits and Reports

Peace of mind for your OHS and management team about your boiler operations is not easily achieved.

Steam Training  field staff can help you ensure your boiler is performing at its highest possible level of efficiency.

Anything less than that can be detrimental to your equipment and to your bottom line.

If you are concerned a problem may exist but are not sure where to begin looking, we can conduct an inspection to identify probable areas of boiler problems.

For general evaluation, our examinations consist of:

  • Compliance to relevant Australian Standards.
  • External inspections,
  • Expansion and structural inspections,
  • Valve leak detection,
  • Combustion evaluation under static and peak load
  • Air flow and flue gas observations
  • Feed water treatment and analysis
  • Boiler Chemical storage
  • Inspection routine and reporting
  • Evaluation of work undertaken by external contractors
  • OHS considerations – does your boiler house comply with the latest OH&S considerations including fire and operator safety
  • Boiler house and operational Environmental considerations ie Blow down waste
  • Records and Record Keeping
  • Operator training and knowledge with an emphasis on boiler incident control and management

We shall review or inspect all the above and provide a written report that will indicate to your organisation and your management team any observations, recommendations, and potential problems.