Unattended Boiler Training or Do I need a High Risk Work Licence?

We get asked this question a lot! And there seems to be some confusion especially with employers as to when they need to have someone qualified with a licence; or a properly trained person, who can monitor their boiler operation.

Australian Standard AS2593 – 2021 states: – click below to view pdf

Definition of a Trained Person (AS2593 – 1.4.19):
A person who has received adequate instruction and training provided by the owner in the operation of the Unattended boiler types.


So do you need HRW training provided by Steam Training?

If you operate a Attended Boiler – YES

If you operate an Unattended Boiler and cannot provide training for monitoring personnel by a qualified (TAA40116) boiler trainer – YES


Do you need HRW assessment?

If you operate a Attended Boiler – YES

If you operate an Unattended Boiler – NO, provided you have received proper training by a qualified (TAA40116) boiler trainer, provided by your company.

Training & Assessment Dilemma – Unattended Boilers

Now here is the dilemma for Unattended Boiler operations and maintenance staff.
If you do not have a qualified operator with a HRW licence in your organization who is also a qualified trainer, will you be able to demonstrate that you have received adequate instruction and training? We suggest you will not!

This is where we come in and provide the training.

We also recommend that you have a qualified HRW licensed Pressure Vessel operator on your team as well. Why? Because the cost of assessment is very low in the overall scheme of things, so why not “cover your tail” and have correctly trained and qualified persons on your site irrespective of the above standard.

Why – well when your unattended boiler has a feed water pump, feed water Control Valve, or other failure that is part of the automation process; and you wish to keep it manually operating supplying steam to your plant until it is repaired; it is no longer an Unattended boiler – it is a Limited Attendance or Attended boiler.

You will need to undertake a local Risk Assessment and if you decide to keep the boiler operating it will need increased supervision and monitoring and may have to be considered a fully Attended Boiler requiring a licenced HRW operator. Therefore if you do not have a licensed operator present on site monitoring the boiler, you must shut it down or you are in breach of the regulations and standards.

If you have an incident that is reportable to the authorities and you are investigated, and it is found that you are in breach, the penalties can be quite severe.


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