Heritage Steam Licencing

The Staff at Steam Training have considerable experience with heritage boiler and engine operations.

The national assessment instruments for HRW licences are not particularly suited nor friendly for heritage students as they are biased towards general industry.

We have trained and assessed many hundreds of heritage students over the years, and we always endeavour to try and assist the heritage student to assimilate the general industry need to that of a heritage operator in a sympathetic and understanding manner.

Andrew Bridger has been involved in the heritage rail sector over the past 45 years as a steam locomotive driver, instructor, and assessor. He has actively worked with ATHRA, ATR and many heritage groups to deliver training and assessment suitable for each heritage group’s needs.

His experience covers both heritage and mainline steam operations in three states on locomotives ranging from 6029 – Australia’s largest steam locomotive, through to the unique ABT locomotives of the West Coast Wilderness Railway in Tasmania.

Training and assessment has been provided over the years to students representing:

  • ARHS (ACT)
  • The Bellarine Railway
  • Victorian Goldfields Railway
  • SteamRail Victoria
  • Redcliffs Steam Railway
  • Don River Railway
  • TTMS
  • Redwater Creek Tramway
  • West Coast Wilderness Railway
  • RTM
  • Zig Zag Railway
  • Powerhouse Museum
  • Timbertown Wauchope
  • And many others

If your organisation has a need for HRW licencing, please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Heritage and Not for Profit please note:

If you are a registered not for profit organisation, then we provide very special heavily reduced rates for training and assessment for members of these groups.