How do I get a Boiler Licence?

Step 1 Training

It is recommended that all candidates for a High Risk Work licence assessment undertake training with us either face to face or using the Distance Learning Program.

This will fully prepare candidates for the assessment, as the training addresses all assessment categories required by the National Assessment Instruments.

Step 2 – The Assessment

To get a licence you must prove that you are competent in the operation of the pressure equipment covered by the licence. For this purpose you will need to be assessed by a registered GTI assessor.

In order to be assessed you will need to :-

  • Provide all record(s) of training. We prefer this includes a completed log book. Whilst a logbook is not a mandatory requirement for HRW Boiler assessments, it is a useful tool to track your practical skills, and to prove competency and confidence in your skills to your assessor. Download the Log Book here. or
  • Provide evidence of qualifications or relevant prior learning or experience certificates.
  • Pass a 100 point ID verification check.

The Assessor will formally assess your practical skills and theoretical knowledge. Your skills will be tested at the level and in the areas appropriate to the licence and certificate for which you are applying. Refer the National Unit Guides which outline the skills and knowledge you should have prior to assessment; via the following links:

On satisfactory completion of the assessment, the assessor will issue you with a Notice of Assessment relevant to the workcover / worksafe state jurisdiction applicable. Once received you simply lodge that in accordance with the requirements of the authority in your state. I.e. in Victoria, lodge with an L2 Application Form at any Post Office within 60 days of assessment date.